China International Medical Equipment Fair
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SCIMEN is the world's leading medical equipment and medical technology company. We are committed to providing high quality and efficient diagnostic products and services as well as providing accurate and cost-effective solutions for disease detection, diagnosis, validation and treatment,supported by unsurpassed technical experience and after sale service and support. 

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TAKAZONO China Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned China subsidiary of Takazono Japan Co., Ltd. Established in May 2015. The company's goal is to achieve Chinese pharmacy automation. The company is mainly responsible for the Japanese headquarters of the automatic pharmacy equipment in mainland China's promotion, sales, after-sales service.

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Topcon has been a leading company for eye care professionals’ devices for nearly 70 years. Also it has been pioneering the eye care data management、Eye care & Optical for these years. 1st 3D-OCT/1st  Swept Source OCT & 1st pattern scan laser are  independently developed and produced by Topcon with  patented technology. Today, as a result of both rapid population growth and aging, we are seeing increased cases of major eye illness. Aiming to resolve these problems, Topcon provides hardware and software solutions to eye care screening and diagnosis to promote early detection, early treatment; Topcon Healthcare Solutions provides the reliable products and secured data management solutions. “Your Vision, Our Focus” has always been the tenet of Topcon.

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Under our corporate philosophy--Contributing to the world's well-being through development, production, and distribution of products beneficial to patients and doctors--we perform R&D, manufacture, and sales of medical devices, dividing our business into three segments: (1) Surgical Products (products related to the surgical and ophthalmic fields) (2) Eyeless Products (Suture Needles:Eyeless・Eyed) and (3) Dental Products.

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Mist Spray,Ultrasonic and Mesh Nebulizercan use a wide range of drugs and can use in many ways.COMFORTʮ can adjust the position according to different requirementsIt's very convenient to inhale for a long time,It's ideal for both home and hospital.Portable Sunction Unit with rechargeablebattery is more convenient.

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Koike Medical Co., Ltd. is found in 1974. In this day and age, we become one of the leading companies for hospital secondary equipments in Japan. With our high quality service fostered through this 40 year experience and our added value, competitive products, we have contributed not only in Japan, but also expanding our activity to the world.

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Since commercializing the world's first fish finder in 1948, FURUNO has supplied many types of products for the marine electronics market. By using its exclusive knowledge of ultrasonic and electronics technologies, FURUNO has developed a wide array of products that have been world firsts and Japan firsts.We are expanding our business into the healthcare field, especially medical care, and are providing products for the early prevention of disease and monitoring treatment, utilizing the sensing technology which we have cultivated in the maritime field. Our medical products contribute to people staying healthy.

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